Catalyst LEARN: Helping your organization overcome barriers to effective clinical staff training imposed by COVID-19 restrictions

Mar 17, 2020




If ever the Healthcare industry needed an effective way to deliver customer training remotely, it’s now.  Catalyst LEARN® is a real-time engagement application embedded within ASCEND CV to provide training and education to users directly in their workflow – without the requirement of on-site physical presence. Although we did not anticipate the Coronavirus pandemic when designing LEARN, we see how it solves the critical and immediate challenge that Healthcare providers face due to restricted access to your facilities.  ASCEND has already experienced success using this application-service combination with clients, and we are prepared to support it more extensively during the period of crisis presently facing the healthcare industry. We expect that it may become an accepted standard for end-user training even after the crisis, once it’s efficiency and effectiveness have been fully validated under the current circumstances. For additional information or a demonstration please visit our website at or email us at us at


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