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This page includes educational information about the ASCEND portfolio of Cardiovascular IT reporting solutions, including Catalyst LIVE Telepresence.

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Catalyst LIVETM is a telepresence solution from ASCEND Healthcare IT that enables real-time, remote
collaboration during complex or distributed clinical, interventional, surgical, and training environments.

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Learn more about how open schemas support data-based decision making for real-time health systems

Read This Positioning Paper to Learn:

  • About the challenges affecting cardiologist oversight of cardiac MRI studies.
  • Why acquiring high quality cardiac MRI studies is challenging.
  • How telepresence can benefit cardiologist oversight of cardiac MRI while the patient is still in the MRI scanner.
  • The benefits of getting the cardiologist out of the MRI control room.

Revolutionizing Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration in Healthcare: Exploring the Power and Potential of Virtual Telepresence


The value of having a cardiologist in the MRI control room to oversee cardiovascular MRI study acquisition is well understood. View our video that reviews the challenges affecting cardiologist oversight of cardiac MRI studies, and the benefits that can be realized when a cardiologist can provide the same level of oversight remotely.

View this video to learn how Catalyst Virtual Telepresence can facilitate remote collaboration amongst the surgical, imaging, and interventional members of your cardiology team.

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