Cardiovascular Image Visualization

ASCEND InView® is a high-performance, zero-footprint DICOM viewer for cardiovascular image review and analysis.


Enhancing Cardiovascular Reporting Workflow

When combined with ASCEND CV®, InView provides a highly effective, streamlined solution for echo, vascular, and cath viewing and reporting. The intuitive user interface simplifies multi-modality image review and prior comparisons and provides a collection of tools to augment report creation with DICOM SR measurements and secondary captures.  

  • Access a comprehensive list of relevant priors and multi-modality studies for ease of comparison
  • Improve image accessibility with a high-performance, web-based cardiovascular DICOM viewer
  • Simplify and augment cardiovascular reporting workflow with echo measurement tools, automatic import of DICOM SR measurements, and inclusion of secondary capture images

CHIP - Categorical Hanging Image ProtocolTM *

Our Vision for AI-based Image Review

When augmented with CHIP capabilities, InView will introduce an entirely new take on echo review workflow. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, the InView CHIP Viewer will be trained to classify images by view and modality to automatically organize images by anatomy and pathology categories. In combination with its end-to-end integration with ASCEND CV, InView with CHIP will provide a solution that is streamlined, smart, and highly effective for echo reading and reporting.

This transformative reading and reporting solution:

  • Uniquely elevates clinical reporting workflow to a new level of productivity
  • Supersedes the traditional acquisition order process by reorganizing images
  • Arranges images by structure to sync relevant image data in current and prior studies
  • Ensures completion of serial comparison by eliminating the time-consuming effort involved

Improves diagnostic review by syncing all views related to the pathology for current and prior studies


* CHIP is not yet commercially available in the US.

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