ASCEND HIT becomes ASCEND Cardiovascular with enhanced workflow, collaboration, and analytics solutions that help providers improve cardiovascular care

Dec 18, 2022




Demonstrating our commitment to helping healthcare providers improve cardiovascular care, we are changing our name from ASCEND HIT to ASCEND Cardiovascular. With this change we intend to make clear this singleness of purpose and passion, and to reinforce our longstanding position as one of the industry’s most complete and trusted cardiovascular solutions.

Since its inception, ASCEND has created vendor-neutral, data-driven workflow solutions with a mission to empower the provider community to improve cardiovascular care”, comments Dr. Jeffrey Soble, Co-Founder and CEO of ASCEND Cardiovascular. “Our solutions have grown to encompass multi-modality procedural reporting, data analytics, imaging and collaboration, all with a focus on this cardiovascular mission. Our new name, ASCEND Cardiovascular, will help us more clearly communicate our focus on this mission and commitment.”

Now, as healthcare providers adapt to new care delivery models, so too are we continuing to broaden and mature our product and services portfolio to meet the demands of today’s increasingly complex and distributed ecosystem. To make this vision a reality we have:

  • Introduced InView, a zero footprint viewer that’s tightly integrated into our reporting workflow and has native artificial intelligence and machine learningto deliver a smart, streamlined, and highly efficient echo, vascular, and cath reading and reporting workflow
  • Introduced Catalyst LIVE, a remote telepresence solutionthat enables on-demand, real-time communication and collaboration between sonographers, technologists, and cardiologists in advanced imaging, complex interventional, surgical, and hybrid environments
  • Expanded our Analytics solutionswith simple, interactive self-discovery tools and access to expert professional services that together identify actionable, high-impact opportunities for workflow and quality improvement.
  • Designed with openness in mind by making our rich, structured data warehouse the industry’s first and only fully accessible, open-schema platform that provides a complete, unified view of cardiovascular patients and procedures across the continuum of care, truly empowering you to use your data, your way.

As ASCEND Cardiovascular we will continue to leverage our team’s unparalleled expertise and strong culture of innovation to solve your evolving cardiovascular workflow, interoperability, and data challenges. Learn more:


About ASCEND Cardiovascular:

ASCEND Cardiovascular is the expert in cardiology workflow.  With over two decades of experience in Cardiovascular IT and a practising cardiologist at our helm, we provide an unparalleled level of clinical “know how” in cardiology workflow, collaboration, and IT.  Our structured reporting, device interfaces, and analytics solutions are currently in daily use in many of the top institutions and hospital systems across North America.

Lisa Braunreuther
VP Sales and Marketing
ASCEND Cardiovascular


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