Partners, Cerner to be Acquired by Oracle: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Recently, Oracle released an article stating, they have officially acquired Cerner Corporation. Cerner and ASCEND have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership for the last 9 years and we can only see this consolidation as being very positive step towards further growth for the ASCEND-Cerner relationship.

The power of partnership

Over the years, ASCEND’s partnership with Cerner has extended Cerner’s EMR to include cardiovascular procedural documentation, which has then become a rich source of structured data. Alongside that, ASCEND has supplied Cerner clients with ASCEND CV, our cardiovascular workflow solution and services that include structured reporting for all cardiovascular procedures and their associated analytics. To date, we have delivered our integrated solutions at a multitude of Cerner client facilities.

By combining Cerner’s clinical capabilities with Oracle’s enterprise platform, analytics, and automation expertise we anticipate that the Oracle/Cerner and ASCEND collective will deliver a much more powerful and valuable solution to the cardiovascular community and healthcare providers in general. Cerner’s alignment with this technology giant will fast track the technology innovation that is so needed by the healthcare provider community.

Interoperability in mind

Oracle cited a recent survey that “shows a staggering 97% of healthcare executives have called for increased healthcare data interoperability, the lack of which inhibits digital transformation and innovation within organizations and throughout the broader industry.” At ASCEND, we predicted this situation, which is why we take an open approach to data interoperability. By leveraging data from ASCEND CV’s multimodality structured reporting and seamlessly integrating with EHR, HIS, medical devices, and other 3rd party systems, ASCEND Analytics provides a rich structured data warehouse with flexible tools that facilitate limitless opportunities to uncover real-time insights into clinical, operational, and quality performance.

Looking forward

With this mutual openness approach, we believe this partnership will be able to provide the necessary technology and data solutions for the cardiovascular and general healthcare provider community. We are excited to be a part of this advancement and are looking forward to what the future holds.


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