ASCEND’s Telepresence Technology, Catalyst LIVE, Transforms Diagnostic Imaging

[Chicago, IL January 16,2023] – ASCEND Cardiovascular’s newest technology, Catalyst LIVE, currently implemented at two pioneering hospital sites, has pilots underway since 2022 at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health in California and Cook County Health in Illinois. Catalyst LIVE has prompted the expansion of this innovative technology into additional areas and campuses at these pilot sites giving their teams access to state-of-the-art technology, enabling more patients to benefit from expert insights and timely decisions.

In a ground-breaking stride towards transforming healthcare, Catalyst LIVE – an innovative IoT device, revolutionizes real-time collaboration between diagnosticians and any procedural team. This cutting-edge technology improves workflow and empowers medical specialists to make better-informed and quicker care decisions for patients undergoing imaging procedures.

Catalyst LIVE redefines telepresence by offering a seamless, real-time connection through its integrated application. Radiologists, cardiologists, and care teams gain instant access to dynamic imaging, enabling remote participation with clinicians, patients, and families to help make quicker informed decisions. This advancement ensures that critical insights are delivered promptly, regardless of the specialist’s location or the device they use. The significance of this breakthrough lies in its ability to bridge geographical barriers, allowing specialists to virtually join procedures at any moment. This access ensures that expertise is readily available, providing invaluable support to the teams conducting imaging procedures.

“Catalyst LIVE’s ability to facilitate instant image collaboration between specialists and procedural teams marks a watershed moment in the realm of cardiovascular care and beyond“ said Jeff Soble MD, ASCEND Cardiovascular CEO. “Catalyst LIVE solves the problem of limited staff, time, and expertise by improving clinical workflow, family engagement, and training. Catalyst LIVE is the first telepresence platform to integrate low-cost IoT device connectivity and medical imaging into a single collaboration experience for healthcare providers. Collaboration represents the future of healthcare by ensuring that expertise is accessible to patients, regardless of the specialist’s location.”

With Catalyst LIVE, ASCEND Cardiovascular is at the forefront of pioneering healthcare solutions, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and patient-centric care.

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