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With a growing workload, declining reimbursement, increasing regulation, and demand for reports within minutes, the need for accurate and efficient clinical reporting and access to data is greater than ever.

ASCEND features a broad and comprehensive portfolio of multimodality cardiovascular structured reporting and workflow solutions which has been continuously improved, expanded, and refined with insight gathered from daily use in hundreds of hospitals for almost two decades.

Our ASCEND CV solution is superior to both traditional CVIS products and the immature, native cardiovascular procedural reporting offered with HIS systems. The former fall short on integration and workflow, while the latter lack cardiovascular knowledge, focus, and depth. By eliminating the inherent functional redundancy of your combined CPACS + traditional CVIS + EMR, ASCEND CV delivers comprehensive procedural reporting and analytics that truly leverage the enterprise solutions that you choose.

Engineered to leverage industry standards, ASCEND CV wraps our advanced structured cardiovascular reporting in a service-oriented architecture built on current technologies.
Our scalable browser-based user interface enables collaboration, and fully supports working when and where you need to for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Connectivity to the enterprise systems and devices critical to your cardiovascular workflow is enhanced through an industry leading integration engine technology. ASCEND CV speaks industry established messaging standards and application protocols.

ASCEND CV is packaged as a virtual enterprise appliance consisting of virtual machines pre-configured for your enterprise environment that can be deployed on existing or newly acquired VM management infrastructure.

ASCEND CV is designed to anticipate your modality-specific workflow and satisfy all your clinical requirements. The unified, comprehensive clinical knowledge base spans cardiovascular procedure types and provides continuity across the continuum of care. Well-organized content can easily be configured by ASCEND or your staff to add efficiencies crucial for operational performance.

ASCEND CV has smartly incorporated features that enhance the power of structured reporting. Reports are selectively pre-populated with data from multiple sources including: discrete data from diagnostic devices, elective carry forward of prior history and/or findings, normal findings, and syndrome finding sets for pediatrics. Selectable measurement interpretations based on standard consensus publications are suggested in context with relevant data and references.

Features include:

  • Integrated workflow support
  • Configurable tabbed interface
  • Report or form-driven user interaction
  • Embedded context sensitive data reminders
  • Data-driven interactive diagrams
  • Voice or keyboard text insertion
  • Macro generated report findings

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