ASCEND Cardiovascular announces the issuance of a patent for AI-Based Categorical Hanging Image Protocols (CHIP) to optimize image visualization and interpretation workflow

ASCEND Cardiovascular, a leader in cardiovascular structured reporting and workflow innovation, announces the issuance of a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering its AI-based solution for Categorical Hanging Image Protocols (CHIP). Using AI-based image analysis and machine learning, CHIP automatically categorizes adult Transthoracic Echo (TTE) images by view/modality. This allows ASCEND’s InView solution to intelligently organize and display images according to criteria such as anatomy, view, modality, pathology, and more.

With CHIP, image interpretation workflow is significantly improved. Rather than viewing images in acquisition order, which is not always consistent with imaging protocols, cardiologists can now define hanging protocols that reliably display images according to relevant categorical attributes. CHIP can also retroactively classify prior images to simplify comparison workflows by automatically synchronizing current and prior images during navigation to maintain view context and accelerate interpretation of complex imaging histories.

CHIP 3 monitor

“ASCEND Cardiovascular’s sole purpose is to help the provider community improve cardiovascular care. With CHIP, cardiologists will be able to interpret TTE studies more accurately and efficiently than ever before.” commented Dr. Jeff Soble, practicing Cardiologist and CEO of ASCEND Cardiovascular. “Together with ASCEND CV, our cardiovascular structured reporting solution, InView and CHIP provide synchronized navigation and population of structured reports, which ultimately enables a streamlined, smart, and highly effective workflow for image reading and reporting.”

CHIP currently classifies adult TTE images with greater than 90% accuracy. Because it’s trained using machine learning, it will continue to improve as time goes on and adapt to differences in imaging modalities and environments and evolve to address additional cardiology imaging procedures.

CHIP is scheduled to be released as part of the InView 9.0 release this June. Contact us to learn more.


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