ASCEND Cardiovascular announces new workflow with Epic Cupid and multi-vendor Hemodynamic monitoring systems for optimized intra-procedural Cath Structured Reporting

Aug 28, 2021




LISLE, IL, August 30, 2021 — ASCEND Cardiovascular, a leader in cardiovascular workflow innovation, announces a new workflow that enables Cardiovascular Catheterization labs to use ASCEND’s mature comprehensive structured reporting solution to create physician reports based on data from Epic Cupid’s procedure log and hemodynamic data from multiple hemodynamic monitoring systems.

This workflow allows a lab to record procedures, medications, and supplies as structured data in the Epic Cupid procedure log and to use their hemodynamic monitoring system to record hemodynamic measurements. ASCEND automatically collects this data and incorporates it directly into ASCEND’s physician’s structured report. In so doing, this workflow improves the quality and efficiency of Cath Lab structured reporting while simultaneously creating a rich repository of actionable data that can be easily exported for registry submissions and as a data source for meaningful quality and performance-based analytics and improvement initiatives.

The result affords maximum flexibility and efficiency in Cath Lab Reporting and data collection workflow, which not only results in a more streamlined workflow but also better clinical decision making and outcomes as a result of cleaner, higher quality data. By combining the Cupid procedural data with ASCEND’s full multimodality cardiovascular structured reporting solution, the client gains all of the benefits of a full-featured best-in-class cardiovascular reporting and information ecosystem.

ASCEND has been an industry leader and contributor to improving the quality of Cath structured reporting and Hemodynamic device interfaces for over 20 years. ASCEND’s mature structured reporting solution provides the interfaces necessary to deliver a highly optimized, end-to-end solution for Cath Lab data collection and physician reporting workflow that interfaces directly with Hemodynamic systems, and now the Epic Cupid Cath procedure log.

Close collaboration with medical experts, Epic Cupid certified clinical staff, and device manufacturers including GE MacLab, IBM Watson (Merge), and Philips has resulted in the development of ASCEND’s optimized interfaces for all applications that maximize the quality and quantity of structured data captured at the point of care.  As well, ASCEND’s inclusive consultative approach and 20+ years of cardiovascular expertise have led to the betterment of cardiovascular l workflows industry-wide, with a focus on standardization and ubiquitous optimization across diverse healthcare organizations and device manufacturers.

 About ASCEND Cardiovascular
ASCEND is the expert in cardiology workflow. With over two decades of experience in Cardiovascular IT and a practicing cardiologist at our helm, ASCEND provides an unparalleled level of clinical “know-how” in cardiology and IT. Our clinical reporting, device interfaces, and analytics are currently in daily use in many of the top institutions and hospital systems in North America. Our vision is to provide global healthcare solutions that create clinical and operational value based on workflow innovation, enterprise integration, and clinical knowledge. We are solving today’s cardiovascular data accessibility and usability challenges and anticipating tomorrow.

Lisa Braunreuther
VP Sales and Marketing
ASCEND Cardiovascular


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